James Caan’s top 10 tips to get a new job

Searching for a new job can be a daunting task. It's hard to know how to distinguish yourself from other candidates and it can be disheartening when you apply for jobs but receive nothing back.

Add to this the tough jobs market following the recession and you must make every effort to stand out from the crowd.

Follow James Caan's tips for finding a new job and you should find your search becomes a little easier.

1. Like a good business plan, ensure your CV is interesting without giving too much away to clinch that all important interview.
2. Define your skills - especially IT skills that you use on a regular basis in your existing role. Disclose to potential employers how your skills will benefit the company, moreover how your skills will contribute to making the company more efficient and effective.
3. Like any good business, follow the rule of finding a need and filling it.

4. Channel all of your efforts towards finding a company which will actually have a job right for you.

5. Utilise every possible route of finding a job: direct applications, digital job boards, recruitment agencies, personal contacts. Furthermore, focus on reaching & impressing the decision maker (the person who is going to offer you the job you want)

6. Having the perfect CV doesn’t prove you can do the job. To prove you are the right person for the job be proactive and ask questions about the company, perhaps offer to do a work placement to show your enthusiasm to earn a role in the company

7. BE PREPARED! Research into the company and use all the information you gather to provide the raw material for asking questions and raising discussion points. Take note of relevant market trends and the company’s competitors.
8. Tailor your CV to the position. Ensure the key skills specified on your CV are relevant to the role.
9. Image is integral to success. Do not take any risks with personal presentation. Research the company’s style and if necessary adapt your look.

10. Remember, the company you are applying to may well be researching you, so ensure social networking sites and blogs reflect you in the best possible way.

James Caan is an experienced entrepreneur and a Dragon's Den member.
Source https://jobs.telegraph.co.uk/article/james-caan-s-top-10-tips-to-get-a-job/

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